Tarah Pennington

Tarah Pennington

As of January 2017: HOURLY RATE= $175 with a 3 hour minimum 

Tarah's books have opened up today, 2.10.2018 and we will be considering projects as they come in!

Please read her bio for info on projects that she is very keen to do!

How to book: Step 1. As always you should fill out our consultation form in its entirety. http://twobirdstattoo.com/consult

Step 2. Wait patiently for our front desk scheduler to go over your form, this process should take up to one week or less. She will email you back and let you know if your project is likely to be picked by the artist.  If your project isn't right for the artist she will likely make a suggestion for another artist. 

Step 3. At the next consult booking period, the artist will go over your form and decide if she is interested in meeting in person for a consult. We will contact you if your project has made it to the next step and you will be asked to call us to book the consult appointment. If the answer is no, we will do our best to recommend another artist to take on your project. 

Thanks everyone!!